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  •  Palin bombed in Boise (0+ / 0-)

    Palin's appearance for Ward was a complete bust.

    The rally was held in an indoor hockey stadium with 5000 seats. All the seats were to cost $10.00, but the organizers dropped the charge to fill the place. The folks who popped the bucks got the floor seats, and they weren't filled.

    The local news said that the crowd was around 1500, but I'm an old cow counter. After looking at some good pictures of the event, I counted less than 1000. Palin scampered right out of town as soon as she was done, and the press had no shot at her whatsoever.

    Compare this to February 2008, when Obama packed Broncho Stadium with over 14,000 souls who stood for hours in the snow to get in. With less than a week's notice beforehand.

    The teabaggers make a lot of noise here, but the Tuesday primaries tell the real truth- Labrador was the only endorsed candidate to win in the national  campaigns. The teabaggers failed especially big in S.E. Idaho, the real bagger hotbed of the state.Their candidates were trounced in the major and local elections.

    The only reason Labrador won was due to Ward's amazing mistakes. 6 weeks ago, Ward had it going away. Ward won his debate with Labrador before all the stuff began surfacing. He is a better speaker, faster on his feet, younger and better looking than Raul.

    Then his carpet bagging, his Fannie Mae working wife, his plagiarizing other Repub sites, and his admonishment by his commanding Marine General to take down all his pictures in uniform all hit him, one after the other.

    When the discovery of his deep plagiarism of Obama's 2004 convention speech surfaced, 3 days before the election, it was the last straw. He sank like a torpedoed row boat.

    Don't believe for a minute that Labrador is going to give Minnick a hard race- Walt Minnick still has the big money behind him and the popular support.

    Idaho's District 1 may not have the fondness for crazies it once had. N. Idaho is full of newcomers. Many are conservative refugees moving here from more liberal places, but they are not the only ones by far. Right now, N. Idaho is a hot romantic place to live, just as Colorado and Montana once were. The big D by Minnick's name may work just as much in his favor as against him.

    Idahoans are conservative, but few of them are extreme. They do appreciate a colorful candidate, but they don't necessarily vote for them.

    Right many are called, and damn few are chosen.

    by Idaho07 on Wed May 26, 2010 at 02:16:46 PM PDT

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