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View Diary: Libertarians ain't having it...and Neither is Mitch McConnell. (21 comments)

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  •  I'm not sure how they can (5+ / 0-)
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    still call themselves 'Libertarian' and oppose Rand Paul.  The essense of Libertarianism is that 'all the people' -- i.e., government -- has no place in controlling the lives of 'individual' people.  Paul stated it perfectly when he said that government should not be in the business of telling 'individuals' (in this case, companies) how to run their businesses.  

    And Paul got called on just how inane this position is.  

    It means, ultimately, that any company should have the right to deny sales or services to any individual, for whatever reason.  

    It means, ultimately, that 'public services' should never be provided, whether in regard to education, health care, bridges and roads, or even (dare one say it?) military.  eeewwww, Socialism!!!

    And it also means that when BP spills oil, it will just have to be trusted that "for the sake of doing better business for themselves" they will clean it up on their own.  Fat chance, that.  

    Libertarianism is a la-la-philosophy, claiming that Adam Smith's 'invisible hand' (aka 'the invisible claw') will gently balance everything out in the end.  Gently, when everybody's dead.  

    As you say, the whole thing may be code for racist Birchism, but the basic elements of Birchism are already built into Libertarianism.  As for the racism, Libertarianism can promote it without having to speak the name.  

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