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  •  the spoofs are awesome (6+ / 0-)

    balloon juice has a few good comments on "america speaks out", and a lot of them are spoofs. I'm pretty sure the lubricated fish falls under that category.

    for example, i just joined up and wrote that the way to restore america is to deport anyone who isn't a white christian. And, just like a dkos diary, america speaks out allows you to include tags, so i went with "barak NObama is a jew muslim nazi."

    go sign up and contribute your own dose of phoney republican teabag stupid (who knows, maybe the republicans will embrace some of these "ideas"). After watching BP fuck up the world, it's a welcome comic relief. Plus, it confuses the GOP, because it's kind of hard to tell what's real teabagger gibberish and what's liberal snark.

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