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    Right now I am watching the main feed of the BOP riser crimp leaks streaming from the akamai reflector and the multi feed postage stamp view from CNN.   In the CNN view, the main feed is frozen (even though it is live on the akamai feed) while the one directly under it from an ROV which is moving is being updated.   The other streams seem more or less dead in the CNN feed though something most of them appear to be updaed.    If you click on the single BOP feed in the right side of the CNN window, you do get a live version of that feed.   Now there are two windows from moving ROVs inspecting equipment.   Row 2, column 1 and row 3, column 2.   And row 1, column 3 is moving now, too.   but row 1, col 1 (BOP plume) is still not updating.

    These feeds keep breaking, in various places.

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