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  •  It seems that the left and center plumes (3+ / 0-)
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    are getting nearly equal lighting, it is the rightmost plume that is not well illuminated.

    So differing compositions between these two plumes seems logical. Watching the differences in colors of these two plumes begin to converge then could be an early sign of success. This makes more sense to me than the "ignore the colors" statement made by others earlier. Also as you pointed out earlier, success will come before they shut off the pumps, so the flow stopping will not be the initial indicator.

    In retrospect it would have been a good idea to take a screenshot every hour or so for comparison of plume color and size, as well as watching for erosion at the point where the plumes exit. Seems on my last look that the crack from where the center plume is exiting may be getting a little larger over the course of the last few hours, but it is difficult to say for sure without some previous images.

    Off to catch a little sleep before sunrise now, hope folks keep rec'ing the Mothership.

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