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View Diary: BP Top Kill Day Two - Mothership (109 comments)

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  •  "Top Kill" still seem to be working or not? (1+ / 0-)
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    Really hope that the "top kill" stops the eruption of this destructive outflow of gas/oil into the "bleeding" gulf.

    Since I'm not an engineer or hydrologist, I'm absolutely in no position to evaluate the degree of success or failure of the top-kill operation.

    From a purely "impressionistic" view of BPs live feed, however, looking at the live feed it seems that the coloration of the eruption has gotten darker again over the last few hours (doesn't look as "mud-like" as it did this morning; it looks more like a mixture of mud/gas/oil), and that the velocity and volume of output of mud, and/or gas/oil is increasing again.

    It seems that even the outflow of "mud" alone should be subsiding, if, logically, the downward pressure of the mud is equalizing/increasing over the upward pressure of the gas/oil eruption.

    Hope this is not the case, or only a temporary phenomenom. Do more knowledgeable observers have an opinion/observation?

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