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    Others caught the link silliness, but as to the science, this was sort of addressed on the blog of Dr. Masters.

    I will add to it -- and I'm no weather guru, either, bear in mind, just somebody with some chem background -- that his assessment that oil and water not mixing = no oil in rain isn't really accounting for dispersants that specifically emulsify oil into tiny, water soluble droplets -- too big to simply evaporate in still waters (and not sitting right on the surface anyway), but potentially not too big to be picked up by hurricane force wind, at least in the abstract.

    But I still don't think that's terribly likely to be a major enough issue to cause serious problems -- concentrations are key. I would guess that some petroleum vapors and some dispersant can get picked up, but I would also guess that the relative amounts of these would be so tiny and spread over a huge enough space that you'd only really know that by conducting lab analysis.

    That said, a hurricane going over this thing -- especially if it's still growing -- is a sucky, sucky scenario.

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