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    Reposted from The Oil Drum which is a blog where experts in the industry are discussing this.

    Dr. Acula on May 27, 2010 - 4:38pm      
    Two dumb questions

    1. If they pumped in 30,000 barrels of mud, and the drilled chamber only needs about 1300 barrels of mud to fill up, where did the other 28,700+ barrels of mud go in the last day? Did it leak out the riser?
    1. If the mud is a heavy fluid, won't the particles composing eventually just sink to the bottom of the well, letting the gas and oil coming to the top? Is this effect not important because it occurs on too long a timescale?

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     ROCKMAN on May 27, 2010 - 5:02pm          
    Doc -- As you probably guessed the rest of the mud went into the GOM.

    And everyone: you can stop taking about BP pumping cement into the hole to plug the well. I know it's difficult for most to envision what's going on down there. But this isn't a simplification of the situation: you have a pipe sticking straight up the air and it's flowing 10 gallons per minute out the top. You stick a tube down the pipe and start pumping cement. Question: how long for the cement to harden? Answer: never. The cement is going to mix with the water and flow out the end of the pipe. Honest...I didn't dumb down this example. That's exactly what would happen if the pumped cmt down the blow out if it were still flowing. No one has ever set a cement plug into a flowing well in the history of the oil business. But you can shove a packer down a producing csg string and stop or at least slow a flow considerably. But can't shove a packer down this hole: can't get it through the BOP. And if you could there's drill pipe in the way.

    Sorry to be such a downer but I thought BP might have come up with a clever idea they weren't talking about. So far I still haven't heard of it.

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