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  •  Don't know if there's enough sound material (4+ / 0-)
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    conchita, khowell, libnewsie, Onomastic

    left in the pipe. You can't use molly bolts if the plaster is shattered to smithereens, held in place by the coat of paint.

    Measuring the hole, getting bolt of right size, inserting it, triggering expansion... a mile under water, in darkness, by remote-controlled robot... and getting 100% of the holes....

    •  I can understand the condition of the pipe (4+ / 0-)
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      khowell, libnewsie, Leo in NJ, Onomastic

      maybe being rotten, but it just seems like if you can close up one of two holes, it would start to help. I also understand that it could make it worse if the holes open wider or more leaks spring out. Maybe a long half of a pipe to equalize the pressure along its length and placed at the upper side of the leaky pipe and use the pressure to keep it up tight against the holes??? Even if it still leaks some, it would still be beter.

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