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    actually, I haven't delved deeply into the day's effup. I don't use a/c and I live in teh South, and the computer makes too much bad fan noise when it gets too hot. I can pretty much tell when the 3rd fan kicks in. I try to turn it off when the 2nd one has kicked in (has kicked in now).

    Only in the low 90's today. Thank dog for the attic fan. Everybody who lives in the South should have an attic and an attic fan. This is a BIG fan, like 3-4 feet across. You get one of those puppies properly rigged up to blow hot air out of your attic, all you need is some solar panels to fire it (which I don't, curses) and you've got one nice cooling system. Also, it will confuse the mosquitoes, that air blow.

    The other part of how I work it is I have my living chambers insulated from the rest of the house (total 800 sq feet) including the attic, with double layer fiberglass insulation (other things will do, though).

    In the worst parts of the summer, the attic fan works best from about dusk to about dawn, but by then (at latest) it's pulled the hot air out of the house, and the house is down to at least 80 (at worst).

    Then I turn off the fan (or earlier) and shut myself into the little living chambers so the hot air can't get in (use a door, or a heavy rug or something on the doorway.)

    Late the next morning, I'm still pretty cool in bed (when I crash for that long). Takes until about noon for it to start to heat up in here to the point where it becomes uncomfortable.

    By then the west-facing windows will start to take in the sun, so it's best (for me in this layout) to hang a rug (thick Mexican blanket, whatever) over them, to keep that out, around then. But in the winter, those west (and SW) facing windows help a lot to keep my heating bill way down, especially with all the double insulation. Works both ways. Design is so important. that point, I like to go work in the shady parts of the yard, or go sit on the (eastern facing) screened porch and read, have a beer or three, watch the passersby, gaze upon my garden.

    By about six, it gets easier, and then I tend to mess around in the yard some more, and later in the evening I go work in the kitchen house. Yeah, I have a kitchen house. Both my houses are massively broken, but I'm good at working with what I have.

    Kitchens used to be separate. There were good reasons for that. But it would be nice to have a winter kitchen in one's living quarters, and a detached summer kitchen.

    Oh well, I ramble. Time to turn the puter off for a few more hours. Thanks for your kind words.


    Gulf gusher? Gulf crusher, more like it.

    by Miep on Thu May 27, 2010 at 04:18:22 PM PDT

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