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View Diary: Top Kill LiveBlog - Diary 14 - Catastrophe Never Sleeps (382 comments)

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    Primary feed:
    Secondary feed:

    These first is the same as the BP feed.  Without the web page wrapper.   The second sometimes shows the same video and sometimes shows a different ROV.  The video is better quality than the WKRG version (though at this hour it doesn't look like WKRG is overcompressing as much).

    These links can be used within a video player program.  No requirement for a web browser or shitwave flush.

    For Linux users, the following bash command will record video to disk, automatically restarting when the stream dies.   This has happened about 18 times in the last 46 hours; the script has to retry an average of six times (making an amost empty file) the stream tries.   You may want to use the http url above instead of the mms url since that may retrieve the video from a server closer to you (the http url just sends the mms url to your player).

    let i=0; while bintrue; do let i=$i+1; echo $i; mplayer "mms://" dumpstream dumpfile stream$i; done

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