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View Diary: Top Kill LiveBlog - Diary 14 - Catastrophe Never Sleeps (382 comments)

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  •  Are they still using dispersants? (4+ / 0-)

    "Approximately 870,000 gallons of total dispersant have been deployed—700,000 on the surface and 170,000 subsea. More than 400,000 gallons are available."


    Ok, here goes my stab at a wingnut theory - but, based on BP's abilty to spin and lie, I'd say anything is possible.

    When they first inserted the bendy-straw thing into the riser to start collecting some of the oil coming out of the end of the broken pipe, I thought - WTF? - they have a big bend in the end of it - why would you put a kink like that in near the end of a tube that's supposed to be collecting oil - a kink would only restrict flow.

    So, then BP claims they're collecting a little oil via that small pipe (yea! victory!) - video shows oil still spewing from end of riser, mixed with occasional clouds of gas.

    Was there ever independent confirmation that BP was collecting oil from that tube? My wingnut theory: perhaps they were actually using that tube to pump dispersant in to the end of the riser. That makes more logical sense when looking at the design.

    My last view of the video before I hit the sack last night showed a barely visible riser leaking oil from its end, with another pipe (the sippy straw) sitting on the ocean floor to the right. This morning's  video shows a higher shot of the riser plume - a shot that obstructs the pipe that was visible last night (it's not the broken pipe on the left).

    Are they using that hidden pipe to continue pumping dispersants into the rising plume? Has anyone (the Coast Guard, etc) been inspecting just exactly what BP is doing?

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