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    I can understand how the Junk Shot might clog up the small leaks in the riser. Can anyone explain how the golf balls etc would have any effect on the big leak?

    •  I have wondered that all day (1+ / 0-)
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      and if the leaks are worse in the top of the BOP then the 21" could be much worse. If so all BP has managed to do is force more oil/gas into the gulf.

    •  I think they were.. (1+ / 0-)
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      hoping that the junk would clog the BOP and not let anything into the riser.

    •  leaks (6+ / 0-)
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      celdd, PDM, politik, DerAmi, pstoller78, Jaygar

      This is a frequently asked question.   I don't think the leaks we can see are of much interest.    The leaks inside the BOP are what need plugging.   Plug the leaks in the riser pipe and the riser will develop new leaks, blow out the patch into an even bigger leak, and/or the material just goes out the open end of the riser.  You want to stop the mud/oil before it even enters the riser.    The riser is like a very leaky garden hose (with one end open) attached to a leaky faucet.   You want to plug up the leaks in the faucet.   That is what junk shot is about.

      If the riser was strong enough, they would have crimped it entirely closed already with some big hydraulic ram.

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