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  •  My Goodness (0+ / 0-)

    All these comments here flailing about.  And it turns out pretty simple.

    I've been following it too and this makes sense.

    •  Multiple comments from you (0+ / 0-)

      complaining about every else's comments just add to the problem. It's self-defeating. So quit the kvetching.

      •  I think the person above is saying (0+ / 0-)

        there's a lot of ping-ponging comments
        here when newspaper articles were pretty clear to understand.  I think the diarist is confused because his source statement is not clear.  (criticism of the source if quoted accurately seems valid).

        BP has begun an experiment.  

        Goal 1 was to apply a huge amount of drilling mud on top of flow.  Needed was So much drilling mud that it's weight and viscosity would dramatically REDUCE the flow PRESSURE All The Way Down the Column.  

        The Mud Team could then measure and continue measuring the flow PRESSURE REDUCTION until they believed a team could start sealing the site with Cement.  (My understanding is that FLOW pressure reduction is occurring.)

        I think the diarist did not check enough sources and read complete articles or he might have thought to himself that the Admiral was so rattled that he was not making clear statements.  Instead the diarist wrote an inflammatory interpretation.

        Go back to Admiral's comments (which I'm betting did not come from a typed copy) and remove a comma or two and ADD a period at the end of the thought.  
        It helps some, but alas, the Admiral is ping-ponging a bunch himself.   He's going from current time to the procedure's starting time, then back to current time without indicating change of time frame.    

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