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  •  I talked to a friend of mine yesterday. (1+ / 0-)
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    He said he called an old friend who lives in the Bayou, who said the Bayou is silent, sans animal or insect sounds.  Silence, the sound of death, has settled in on the place.  And that is just the beginning.  That silence will only spread.

    For all the supposed to be reassuring smooth talk from BP and other officials, this disaster is, well, a disaster, not just a news worthy disaster, but an all encompassing disaster, one that will not correct itself, or be saved by free market capitalism, or stimulus packages in the form of digital money.  It is not a digital disaster.  It will not clean itself up.  The dead one-time forms of life will not Rapture and return with a resounding "Alleluia."  

    I do not think they, BP or any officials, have any idea how to stop the flow of oil into the sea, the life giver and sustainer of what we call life on earth, or how to slow down, let alone correct the effects of it.  This is about much more than the price of shrimp going up, claims being settled in court, the limits of BP's insurance coverage, or partisan rhetoric saying this is any one person's Waterloo.  

    This is Mankind's Waterloo.  Everyone can now go around with one hand stuck in their shirts metaphorically calling themselves Nepoleon without fear of being labeled nuts.  Only there is no Elba to be exiled to.  It is too late for emails to politicians.  We have blown it.  For machines, we have blown it.  For attachment to the ease we have become accoustomed to, we have blown it.  No amount of spewed aesthetics, articulate or otherwise, will fix this mess.  Having a will will not make a difference to anyone.  At best, rhetoric will only keep us hypnotized until our last breaths.  Then, like the Bayou......silence.  

    Efectus nihil profundus sub pensus est

    by Riddlebaugh on Fri May 28, 2010 at 11:09:03 AM PDT

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