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View Diary: Mark Kirk exaggerated Desert Storm service in constituent letter (99 comments)

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  •  you might be thinking about "Rangers" and (1+ / 0-)
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    "special Operations" and "airborne" and stuff like that. There have been a bunch of reorganizing in those areas. In the Army Ranger tabs are popular to enhance your resume (and you learn stuff) but it's a far cry from what most people think of. Part of the reorganization IIRC was the creation of JSOC - joint Special Operations command.

    And I think it's true that there are more "special Ops" forces than there were, because it's becoming clear that we aren't gonna fight many Big Armor or even mass airborne assault kind of wars much anymore - the future is CounterInsurgency and fourth Generation Warfare - and that positions the Special Ops guys of many stripes to be, as the say, the point of the spear.

    My son is in the final stages of becoming an MOS 18D (delta), which is Army Green Beret Medic. He's already been training for two years and has almost one more to go before real "Green Beret" time, and he already knew Chinese from College. Then, once you graduate, they want a minimum time for you to deploy and do something useful - so he could easily spend 6 or 8 years in the Army just because SF training lured him because it was hard. But, reenlistment bonuses will take care of a lot of college bills, I guess.

    In spite of bring trained as a medic (the longest training course) he always says "we're shooters first, specialists second".

    So, to take your point, "real" Green Berets and "real" Seals are the real thing, and the rest of the SpecOps folks are ... .whatever else.

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