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View Diary: Weekly Tracking Poll: Republicans Take a Hit (41 comments)

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    When pols move right they lose votes:

    In fact: "For every additional one point increase in conservatism, Republican incumbents lost an additional three percentage points in support relative to their party's presidential candidate."

    ...but when pols move left they lose nothing:

    Quite a few commenters here  on Alan Abramowitz' study  of the negative impact of conservative ideology on Republican incumbent senators' general election campaigns from 2000 to 2008 wondered if he might do a counterpart analysis of Democrats over the same period.

    From your lips to Alan's computer: he's done the counterpart analysis, and found that ideology does not seem to have had much impact on Democratic senatorial incumbents from 2000-2008; being more liberal didn't hurt them, all other things being equal.

    Our representatives (and media) have been captured by the corporate neo-cons and are NOT really representing the left leaning American electorate (whose existence and scope, I believe they are fully aware of).

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