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View Diary: When a Lone Wolf Assassin is Not Nuts or Alone (117 comments)

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  •   Anti-Abortion Voters Vote Straight-Party-Stupid (7+ / 0-)

    Republican -- they're 1-issue people while life is much more than 1 issue, and they don't care what the other issues are.

    Republicans use that dog whistle to capitalize on the conservative programmable idiots to put them in public office.

    "Christian Family Values" and "Fiscal Responsibility" HYPOCRISY supplement the anti-abortion dogwhistle quite nicely.  The HYPOCRISY is staggering.  (SEE Pastor Ted Haggard, meth head and homosexual patron of male prostitutes as well as former head of American Evangelical "Christians" and Denver megachurch pastor).

    (NOTE:  Choice = Freedom, and most Republicans are ANTI-Choice = ANTI-Freedom)

    Thou shall NOT kill, unless it is those who differ.--(from the New & Improved Rewitten Holey (NOT sic) Ultraconservative Bible)

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