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View Diary: When a Lone Wolf Assassin is Not Nuts or Alone (117 comments)

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  •  yes and until we recognize the violence within (0+ / 0-)

    us all we are doomed to repeat these events...I'm 'committed 'to non violence, and have been true to that when exposed to several public figures I am strongly opposed running joke, not a joke but a reminder to self, is that

    "If I hit him when I coulda I'd be out by now!"

    about my face to faceoff with Reagan, while I was armed with a 2 x 4, and no security...and I knew he was bad, I had no idea of how bad he would actually be...or I would have started parseing Tiller's et al's philosophies, as we did a few years later when attacked by police in the local riots...and by attacked I mean homes broken in to, shotgun pellets, rocks from slingshots, and gas...and high speed car attacks thru crowds.

    If ever there was a self defense case, that was as good as they get, yet none of us did anything seriously stupid.(I was offered a shotgun by a roommate who was older, had a fishy past, and wore shiny shoes, heh)

    Does this rec make my head look fat?

    by KenBee on Sat May 29, 2010 at 02:42:35 PM PDT

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