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  •  This is LIHOP . . . (3+ / 0-)

    The idea that some person or persons within the security structure of the U.S. "looked the other way" is not documented. It should not be rejected out of hand either. The question would be how to determine who did know what?


     4.  Is it too implausible to think someone in Mossad might, if the opportunity presented it, allow such an operation like this to proceed?

      5. Is it implausible that U.S. intelligence agencies got "burned"? Is it possible someone allowed it to happen? Why not?

    Those are both statements that fall squarely within the definition of LIHOP. I think you could make a weak argument that the FAQ technically only prohibits MIHOP, but it's a distinction without a difference in actual application. LIHOP and MIHOP are both bannable offenses.

    Again, don't you think that there are a million and one good things to talk about in the world of politics besides speculating about possible U.S. or Israeli complicity in 9/11?

    •  Thought police suck (0+ / 0-)

      Our country is too authoritarian as is. It was a single comment, what is the big deal? It was vague and indirect on top of that. Out of all the stupid comments posted we harp on that one because it questions our governments official story. Gulf of Tonkin? That used to be a conspiracy theory and a lot of other things that later got declassified.

      Sure we don't need to dwell on it but I am sure happy some people have the courage to ask what looks like a stupid question. I am happy some people are not in the mainstream. That was the whole point of freedom of speech. If mainstream opinions were the only thing in discussion we would not need the freedom to challenge it.

      As is most diaries and comments are stale repetition of mainstream thought. Like a friend of mine said Saturday night "I don't like Americans they only know things from TV". Ain't that the truth. Our News Media is so broke they can only afford to give us the government line. We are watching the Journalism collapse before our eyes but we spend our time worrying about looking legitimate to Fox News.

      It seems like we are the protectors of official propaganda instead of truth seekers. 9/11 truth, I don't have to agree but I sure as hell want them asking questions. I want every nut out there on the job because the crazies found Bernie Madoff and reported him to the SEC(lotta good that did). The Crazies uncovered plenty of conspiracies and cover ups like Pat Tillman's death. We need those people, so dismissing the lot of them is foolish.

      If we get rid of all the people who ask questions in the face of official truth go the way of China, Iran, Nazi Germany and a lot of other places we say we claim to be better than.

      •  I agree (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        but that particular brand of "crazy" is just not welcome here at Daily Kos. I'd venture to say that a substantial minority of posters here do entertain some skepticism about the official story, but we just can't get into here.

    •  The question was (0+ / 0-)

      what gets considered "crazy" and why?

      The point was mostly epistemological. And I didn't advocate it.

      It is easy to label people "crazy" and much harder to actually determine why an hypothesis is wrong or right.

      So what is the point of a policy that says not only can you not advocate a view, but you can't even hint at hinting at that a certain idea should not be rejected out of hand as a question for serious research.

      •  The point is that in today's political discourse (0+ / 0-)

        "even hinting at hinting" about the possibility of LIHOP or MIHOP is a one-way ticket to the wilderness.

        You may not like that, and for all we know Kos does not like that, but it is a fact.

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