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  •  I need guidance. I'm furious with Obama. Why? (4+ / 0-)

    I can't figure it out, but it's visceral. Everyone is infuriated, apoplectic, at the situation and BP and MMS. But when I heard today that the president is in CHICAGO on Memorial Day, that the VP will be holding ceremonies and talking at Arlington National Cemetery, and Obama talks from a "Lincoln Cemetery" near Chicago - it just made me flash with anger.

    I own my own business, no crises going on, and even I'm working this weekend. Why can't the president? It just seems he should be in Washington DC today. Am I wrong?

    I'm furious that he hasn't responded yet to Israel's illegal and outrageous attack on Turkey.

    I'm furious he's pulling another Bill Clinton and letting the Chiefs of Staff try to hold up the compromise repeal of DADT. How do they get to talk over their Commander In Chief?

    And where the hell is Obama on the BP oil volcano situation that threatens my home region and fellow Americans and ecological systems in the coast. It's like Melancon said, "These are America's marshes," these are Americans, these are American resources in those waters. And we knew from inaugural Day 1 that MMS was totally fucked up after getting caught in a coked up clusterfuck (literally) during the Bush administration. And it was business as usual until last week???

    I'm just furious. Fury can come from a sense of powerlessness I guess, and maybe it lands on those who we perceive as having the power that we don't.

    I just don't see Obama using power effectively right now. I'm wondering if he himself is starting not to "get it" anymore.

    Am I wrong? HCR was one thing. This shit is something else entirely I think...

    •  I wouldn't want to be president (3+ / 0-)
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      TX Unmuzzled, LivesInAShoe, jamess

      North Korea, BP, Israel, Afghanistan, recession, DADT, miranda rights, Arizona, immigration reform.... the list is so long.

      I'm not angry about this particular day. Perhaps the time back home will bring him some clarity. Its only one day.

      But he skews rightward on far too many things for me. And I don't think its about be conciliatory any more. I think he's far more conservative than we understood him to be based on his campaign rhetoric.

      Still, I wouldn't want the job.

      •  I think today is emblematic. (3+ / 0-)
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        slinkerwink, LivesInAShoe, jamess

        It's Memorial Day. I want to see the President at official ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. He can go to Chicago next weekend. Yeah I know the girls get a 3-day weekend and all but... see now it's just sounding like a normal weekend for the Obama family.

        While families around the world are in crisis and he's the fucking President. Maybe skip Memorial Day family plans this year, Mr. President? Maybe send Michelle and the girls and your mother-in-law? Maybe you can get some work done. Lead a little bit. Reassure the nation. You seem not to care about the job very much, Mr. President.

        I think I want to see the President ACTING AS THE PRESIDENT. And I'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing a leader.

        And you're right on him being more rightward. Still I'd take his administration over the crazy right any day. I'm glad he's President. I just want him to start exercising his power and LEAD, DAMNIT!

        •  Its pretty common (5+ / 0-)

          a lot of presidents don't do Arlington.

          I hear ya about the symbolism. But let's face it, its constant crises these days.

          We elected him because we trusted him. Liked his style. And one of the things we have to trust is that he knows what he needs to do for himself and his family in order to give so much to us. I try not to nitpick these little things. There are big enough issues to take up.

          •  Obama got rained out in Illinois (4+ / 0-)

            at a Lincoln cemetery Memorial Day service. Lightning, pouring, it was a mess.
            I did read that this weekend was the first time the Obama family had spent the night in their Chicago home in a year. (Think of how often GWB went home to Crawford.) I can't fault the guy for wanting hometown family time.
            I just heard, I think,  on CNN that Obama is in on a meeting today with United Nations people. Technology is a wondrous thing.
            I don't have a problem with multitasking. Ymmv.

            •  I think it's the feeling helpless thing. My bad. (4+ / 0-)

              I want my mommy! Really I think that's at the root of it now that you present it like this. It's true. I'm working today, but from home. I VPN into the office server and then right onto my PC at work, from home. Video conference calls, etc. I know the man can never get away from work. I think I just feel like I want to be reassured. This oil catastrophe is so alarming, and now this shit from Israel. Banking reform gutted, health reform gutted, DADT under attack after a compromise... yeah everything's a crisis these days. Can't get enough reassurance.

        •  There are veterans buried in national cemetaries (1+ / 0-)
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          TX Unmuzzled

          all over this country. Why is the president expected to alway only do the honors at Arlington? Personally, I think they should make it a point to get around to everywhere that our war dead are buried, and that includes the cemetaries in Europe.

          He's not the first one. GHW Bush had Quayle stand in for him at Arlington and Reagan skipped Memorial Day one year altogether. Other presidents have presided over ceremonies at other cemetaries. It's the act of honoring our war dead that is important, not which cemetary the ceremony is held at.


          by RustyCannon on Mon May 31, 2010 at 03:22:19 PM PDT

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