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    all zealots, you are dishonest.

    The statement which Timaeus proclaimed "lies," a proclamation you uprated, said this:

    Nowhere did I state you were "banned for anything having anything to do with this odious diary." Instead, as I indicated, you were banned for your preternatural "class and proportion."

    Please identify, and link to, where I stated he was "banned for anything having anything to do with this odious diary." Then tell us—quickly, without researching—why Timaeus was banned.

    I'll wager you don't even know. Nor that you care. You're simply a petulant child, striking out with your little buttons.

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      with this poster besides encountering his name on occasion @ i/p. i don't know if or when he was ever banned nor was it related to why i uprated. i uprated because i don't believe defending yourself against the kinds of flamming allegation you have a history of making should be hr'd.

      that's why i uprated, because this person comes alnong i don't know and hr's a bunch of comments, so i uprated.

      you can choose not to believe me, but that's what i did. as you can see i didn't rec his other comments only those hr'd. you know blueness you might consider other people don't all follow your code of conduct. you sling around inflammatory insults quite liberally and when others respond in kind you get all mindreading on them. i don't know what makes you think you can read people's minds andset little traps for them and then they don't respond up to your particular standards and you just add to the heap of insults. is that the way you go thru life?

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      all zealots

      i'm not sure how much it serves you making these personal kinds of statements, seriously it makes your argument sound personal.

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      petulant child, striking out with your little buttons.

      what an imagination you have blueness.

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