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View Diary: Daily Kos Oilpocolypse ROV #25: Cutting the Riser (299 comments)

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  •  force lowering riser (0+ / 0-)

    Is like trying to attach a firehose onto a fire hydrant with the hydrant on.   If we imagined trying to slide a section of 21"OD 0.812" wall thickness pipe across the stream into the flow, it would take about 6tons of force (at 400PSI+20%) just on the edge of the pipe:
    ((21inches/2)^2*pi-((21inches-0.812inches*2)/2)^2*pi)/2*400psi*1.2/1gravity = 6.1798857 tons
    But this is going to have much more cross section, plus there is the flow resistance in the pipe to add to the force.  Think of that as a lower bound.

    An upper bound is pressing a plate over the leak (but ignoring the pressure rise to around 9000PSI which would occur if you really patched it up).   The hose will obviously resist less than that:
    ((21inches/2)^2*pi)*400psi*1.2/1gravity = 83.126542 tons

    The new riser assembly itself is so heavy, though, that it will lower under its own weight.

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