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View Diary: BP Deepwater Oil Spill Quantitative Data (52 comments)

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    Specific gravity of deepwater horizon oil (with methane): ???
    Specific gravity of deepwater horizon oil (without methane): ???

    Specific Gravity/density of crude oil varies with composition and
    temperature.  Somewhere around 0.8g/cm^3.   Heavy crude, by definition,
    has a specific gravity of over 0.933.  
    BP CEO Tony Hayward says "Oil has a specific gravity that’s about half that of water. It wants to get to the surface because of the difference in specific gravity." Not even in the weird API units used in the oil industry. Maybe before the methane settles out?

    Methane content has an impact.

    Mean residence time on surface of gulf of 12 hours
    Mean thickness of oil film on surface:

    Specific Gravity/density of crude oil:
     Crude Oil 48API 0.79g/cm^3 at 60F/15.6C
     Crude Oil 48API 0.76g/cm^3 at 130F/54.4C
     Crude Oil 40API 0.825g/cm^3 at 60F/15.6C
     Crude Oil 40API 0.805g/cm^3 at 130F/54.4C
     Crude Oil 35.6API 0.847g/cm^3 at 60F/15.6C
     Crude Oil 35.6API 0.824g/cm^3 at 130F/54.4C
     Crude Oil 32.6API 0.832g/cm^3 at 60F/15.6C
     Crude Oile 32.6API 0.84g/cm^3 at 130F/54.4C

    API Gravity:
      The upside down and offset API scale is setup so most values will be between 10API and 70API, which corresponds to specific gravities/densities of 0.7 to 1.0.

    Crude oil properties at wikipedia (includes formula for heat of combustion, thermal conductivity, specific heat, and latent heat of vaporization).

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