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  •  Lucky enough to get a small lecture.. hehehe (2+ / 0-)
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    bwren, Jaygar

    When cutting steel with a mechanical shearing action, three things take place sequentially as the blades exert force on the material.

    1 - deformation
    2 - cutting
    3 - fracturing

    In normal shearing operations, deformation is about 5%, cutting 30% and finally fracturing 65%. These are just basic figures and each is traded off against the other for tool life, quality of cut, power requirements and a host of other factors.

    The shears being used will probably have deformation in the lead, followed by fracturing because the fit of the blades is not very good.

    These shears mainly cut by exerting so much force the material simply fractures.

    Crunch is not a delicate eater....

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