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  •  JBF, I'll leave you with my Cleveland, (11+ / 0-)

    Cuyahoga County story.

    I couldn't accept that Bush defeated Kerry in '04 so when the third-party inspired recount commenced in Cleveland Ms LI Mike hopped in the car and headed to Cleveland to participate in the recount. First night there we were prepped on the recount and even then the recount organizers were saying the recount is a sham because of the way the County BOE sampled the ballots to be reviewed.

    I was interviewed by the Cleveland Plains Dealer. What happened was that, during the first day of the recount, I noticed that the ballots I was reviewing were just a little to pristine. Not a stray mark, not a bent ballot, absolutely nothing wrong with them except a well defined vote. (There was, however, a problem with how some ballots were organized - a la Fla, but a different issue.) At lunchtime I asked Ms LIM about her sample of ballots. Same thing, not one thing wrong with them. I went to the recount coordinator and mentioned our observations. She got the reporter from the Cleveland Plains Dealer and I was interviewed. I was quoted in the CPD.

    Day 2. Coordinator says that the CPD reporter spoke to her editor and wants to do a bigger story. Me and a few other folks meet with the reporter. Later that day we find out that the story is killed.

    Fast forward to about, I don't know, more than a year later I guess, and I see a little news note in the NYT that the Director of the Cuyahoga County BOE is fired, or indicted, or both, can't remember -- something bad happened to him because of the way the recount was conducted.

    To this day I believe Kerry did much better in Cuyahoga County than THEY want us to believe. I won't go out on the limb and say that the election was stolen, again, but I know Kerry did better in Ohio then most people think.  

    MS LIM and I thoroughly enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, though.  Lots of good Jimmy Hendrick stuff.

    •  I agree but on the other hand (7+ / 0-)

      they played that gay marriage card I think at the state level placing the measure as a ballot initiative. I wasn't  here. Ken Blackwell also screwed over Cuyahoga County as far as the number of working machines.

      Largely I agree with you LIM! That's why I get really mad when some conservative yells
      "VOTER FRAUD" and the MSM just parrots it.

      Another hair on fire angry moment that.

      I am boycotting BP and Arizona.

      by J Brunner Fan on Wed Jun 09, 2010 at 06:26:34 AM PDT

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      •  The gay marriage card (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        DBunn, FarWestGirl, sjterrid

        was probably not a huge factor in Cuyahoga. People thought it would play well in the black community, but people split their tickets. Bush didn't get a terribly big share of the vote in the black community.

        As for "voter" fraud, after all the "ACORN! ACORN!" screaming in 2008, there was ONE case of voter fraud in the entire state of Ohio in 2008 —and it had nothing to do with Acorn.

        Time to garden and kick Republican ass.

        by anastasia p on Wed Jun 09, 2010 at 07:58:30 AM PDT

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    •  Actually, there was nothing there (5+ / 0-)

      I was deeply involved in the recount, and there was nothing to see. There was nothing wrong with the ballots, except that they were pre-sorted, which was more likely a plot to get things done faster since the recount was running headlong into the Christmas holiday. I saw a few that we bent or had stray marks but the fact is — an overwhelming  majority of ballots don't so it's not sinister that you didn't see this.

      Cuyahoga was not stolen by hanky-panky with ballots. If that happened (and it probably did), it happened in southwestern Ohio, in the so-called "Blackwell counties." Here's how Cuyahoga was stolen that no recount was going to capture: underallocation of voting machines, causing unprecedented 4, 5 and 6 hours lines in the inner city, forcing people to wait in the icy rain in some places since many of the polling places didn't have indoor waiting areas. (Watch the movie "No Umbrella." It's heart-wrenching.) Of course, many low-income people couldn't afford to take time from work to wait.

      In addition, calls and flyers distributed in poor areas told voters that Republicans voted on Tuesday and Democrats voted on Wednesday, or warned them that if they had unpaid child support, taxes or traffic tickets, they would be arrested if they went to vote. It was later learned some of these calls went out from a phone bank in Texas.

      This is how Cuyahoga was stolen, and no recount was going to catch this. Kerry WOULD have done much better in Cuyahoga if people could have voted. But the ballots probably came close to reflecting the actual count. Sorry, but that's just a fact.

      The director of the Boe, Michael Vu, was unfairly blamed for the issues, and a couple of women, Kathy Dreamer and Jackie Maiden, were unfairly indicted for the pre-sorting — they were scapegoats. All of these people are directed by the board of the BoE whose president at the time was Bob Bennett — not so coincidentally also chair of the Ohio Republican Party. He intimidated everyone around him. He ran the Cuyahoga BoE until early 2007 when he was fired by incoming secretary of state Jennifer Brunner (She fired the whole board, Republicans and Democrats alike, since all of them were basically yespersons for Bennett).

      Time to garden and kick Republican ass.

      by anastasia p on Wed Jun 09, 2010 at 07:56:41 AM PDT

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