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  •  No, they should NOT have been done (2+ / 0-)
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    FarWestGirl, sjterrid

    They should never have been proposed. The people who know how this complex will drain resources for years in the future have rightly been fighting the corporate developers for decades on building a new convention center to sit empty. ALL convention centers lose money, and what with being radically overbuilt and convention business permanently gone, it's a waste of money. The medical mart is a a shaky scheme that we were told we wouldn't have to pay for with tax money: we were told that if we provided tax money for the convention center that would "attract" private money for the medical mart. Now we're subsidizing that and a developer in Chicago got a sweetheart, no-bid deal to suck Cuyahoga tax dollars far into the future.

    If we had a single brave politician, they would try to kill this deal, but they would kill their carer, because our corporate shill daily paper has oversold the idea.

    We should NOT be building this thing at all. It won't create jobs or business or anything  else. It will make a friend of one of our commissioners even more wealthy.

    Time to garden and kick Republican ass.

    by anastasia p on Wed Jun 09, 2010 at 08:18:50 AM PDT

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