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  •  Only BP engineers can stop this leak, so... (1+ / 0-)
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    Let's motivate BP in a way that they understand.

    As of tomorrow, the U.S. Federal Government will nationalize $500 Billion of BP's total existing assets. Additionally, we also seize the personal bank accounts, and assets, from all of BP's top executive management. Do the same to TransOcean.

    The Terms:
    The percentage of these Nationalized assets that may be returned to BP/TransOcean, is tied to performance on this disaster.  

    If by June 10th, BP/TransOcean caps the leak, and makes monumental progress on cleanup, 80% of the Nationalized Assets will be eventually be restored to them. If by June 20th, they get 60% back. June 30th, 40%...and so on.  Whatever assets re-earned by successfully meeting a deadline, will be restored only at the successful conclusion of the cleanup.

    Assets permanently lost by missing deadlines will be applied to clean-up and compensation. Total failure will result in criminal prosecution of the entire BP/TransOcean Executive group, and may result in imprisonment. Inescapable accountability.

    Conditions include full disclosure, and flow, of truthful information with the White House, Federal Regulators and Coast Guard Commanders. Violations will result in additional assets being moved from permanently forfeit.

    Let this become the normal response, and there will never be another avoidable spill.

    Note: I posted this yesterday, and got no response. Not even a: "That's not possible, you idiot!! You're really slipping these days!!"

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