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    Where would you store the energy? If you think about it, that's what oil does for us. It stores energy in a form that lasts a long time with no decrease in deliverable energy and can (relatively) safely be divided up into small quantities and shipped (or carried) about. A big part of the problem we have with getting over our oil addiction is that we still have no way of storing energy that is more technologically, economically and environmentally feasible than oil and oil byproducts.

    Until the big breakthrough comes around (fuel cell? warp core? flux capacitor?) we aren't going to get free of oil. What we can do is reduce our consumption, push government and business to find that breakthrough as soon as possible, reduce our consumption, urge the likes of the Dept. or Interior and the MMS to do their fucking jobs (for us, not oil companies), reduce our consumption, and push for ever more stringent safety measures, ...

    Oh, and reduce our consumption.

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