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    Pressure was apparently measured at 400PSI in the riser, assume that was at the end. So lets call the back pressure of the oil hitting the water 400PSI.    Lets assume the well head is at 6137PSI above water pressure  (8403PSI absolute).
    Then a back pressure of 1300PSI due to the riser would explain the expected 20% increase in flow with the riser being cut off.   Which makes the pressure in the riser 1700PSI above sea level.
    (6137psi+1300psi+400psi)/(6137psi+400psi) = 1.198868

    A cut 1/4" wide by the pipe width (ID), if we imagine it all jetting out in one direction, would exert a pushing force of
    (21inch-0.812inch-0.812inch)*0.25inch*1700psi/1gravity = 4.1174 tons
    The cut is actually wider (half circumference rather than diameter) but jets out in many directions.

    So, lizzie could be getting a good pelting.  

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