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View Diary: The people speak: 100% Dean endorsements at DNC/CDC meeting (203 comments)

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  •  Any candidates there? (none)
    Hi, Kyle,

    Thanks for the great, detailed overview of the breakfast.  I can only imagine that life-long Dems are not used to hundreds of people regularly showing up at events centering around something as wonky as election for party chair!

    One question - Were any of the candidates for chair in attendance?

    •  Not at the breakfast, no (none)
      But there were a number of DNC events going on at that hotel in Sacramento, including a caucus, so I expect that candidates might show up. Hopefully there was another Kossack in attendance at some of those meetings who can tell us.

      Me, I'm a workhorse kinda guy. I go to the blue-collar "anyone can come" events and never seem to get an invite to the big-shot events (and when I do, I often don't bother to go unless I think there's going to be actualy work done there). Probably because that's not important to me, I'd rather meet the other rank-and-filers.

      •  Correction (none)
        There were a couple candidates now that I rack my feeble brain. Marjorie Fields-Harris was there, as was (briefly) Simon Rosenberg I believe.
        •  Is this the same breakfast? (none)
          Kyle, was this the same breakfast diaried by marisa, and described in her title as a DFA breakfast?

          She says in response to my question that it was jointly sponsored by DFA and CDC. Don't you think that would be important to note in your diary, given the importance you and others place on the unanimity of sentiment expressed there?

          •  I wasn't aware of a DFA sponsorship (none)
            DFA certainly notified us about it, but nobody at the event (nor any of the signage or paperwork) indicated that it was in any way sponsored or hosted by DFA.
          •  CORRECTION: Breakfast NOT a DFA event (none)
            The breakfast was NOT a DFA event! It was put on by the California Democratic Clubs. Here's the link:


            Notice the following promotional language:

            Join CDC January 22 in Sacramento and share your views on the Democratic Party!
            Radisson Hotel, 500 Leisure Lane
            9:00-11:30: Central North Meeting open to all Democrats

            This was an event open to all, but --- as usual --- it was the Dean Democrats who showed up. Dean supporters flooded the hotel, the breakfast, and the caucus. According to the organizer of the breakfast, 450 people RSVP'd for the breakfast, of which 95% appeared to be Dean supporters (see below). So, it's no wonder people errantly thought it was a DFA event --- no one else showed up!

            EVIDENCE OF DEAN SUPPORT (other than the FACT that nearly every grassroots speaker endorsed Dean): Blue (supportive) and red (non-supportive) cards were handed out by the CDC to allow the breakfast crowd to express themselves without breaking into applause and elongating the event. Whenever a grassroots speaker (speaking to the DNC members in attendance) endorsed Dean, the sea of blue was absolutely overwhelming. In addition, "Howard DEAN for DNC Chair" buttons were EVERYWHERE, dominating  the "flair" :-) competition.

            I think many of us would appreciate it if you went around to all the various errant posts you've made today about the breakfast, acknowledged your error, and made a necessary CORRECTION. That would be the responsible thing to do.

            Thanks in advance.

            "Some of you in the DNC may see us as barbarians at the gate. Some of us see ourselves as the cavalry. The truth is,we are fresh horses"-Miles Kurland, for Dean

            by Fiat Lux on Sun Jan 23, 2005 at 04:45:30 AM PST

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