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View Diary: The people speak: 100% Dean endorsements at DNC/CDC meeting (203 comments)

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  •  mutual admiration society member (none)
    Heck, you won me over ever since you defended somebody's use of the B-word, referring to yourself as "Glinda the Good B*tch."  ;)

    There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. --Benjamin Disraeli, cited by Mark Twain

    by sheba on Sat Jan 22, 2005 at 08:28:47 PM PST

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    •  I humbly hope ... (none)
      that I've been able to live up to that here on dKos. Maybe not always, but, I hope, most of the time.

      And you truly are "the Queen" of your domain! that is ... if I read your tagname correctly ... <wink, wink>

      "You don't lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case." - Ken Kesey

      by Glinda on Sat Jan 22, 2005 at 08:36:19 PM PST

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