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  •  a bit of thinking out loud . . . (16+ / 0-)

    It seems to me that the model of the Tibetan Buddhists might be useful.

    For years, no one in this country knew anything about the country or the Dalai Lama or the Chinese takeover, but then a whole bunch of high-profile Americans with fancy Hollywood connections took up the cause. Next thing you know, the whole world is aware.

    Not that the awareness has solved the problem of Tibetan sovereignty, but at least now outside eyes are watching.

    The situations of the groups are not identical, but there are similarities, and an organized campaign of publicity of various kinds might do some good. These diaries are part of that.

    But we have lots of well connected and high-profile people who show up here, even some who write teevee shows and so on. If information about the state of Native Americans could be included in some TV shows, at some point public awareness will start to shift.

    That, and pummeling congresscritters with letters and calls.

    If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.--A Boston cabbie, to Gloria Steinem, in the 1970s

    by Mnemosyne on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 07:42:45 PM PDT

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    •  I like all of that. (10+ / 0-)

      Especially the "pummeling" part. :-D

      Yeah, lots more work to do.  But I think we've made a start here, in large part because of navajo's insistence that this happen - and because of support from Kossacks like you.

      How are you, dear?  Things are nuts here.  Well, "here" being Mom's, for two more weeks.  At the end of that, I have to have her completely moved out - and I don't even have a place to put her yet!  So,of course, I'm dealing with it at this moment by futzing around on DK.  Avoidance is sometimes a wonderful thing.

      Authentic Native American silverwork, jewelry, photography, and other art here.

      by Aji on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 08:46:56 PM PDT

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    •  West Wing had treaties as part of a tiny (9+ / 0-)

      story line once, so Aaron Sorkin might be a good Hollywood connection.

      Robbie Robertson would be a good music industry one I bet.

      Tracy B Ann - technically that is my signature.

      by ZenTrainer on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 09:40:20 PM PDT

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    •  Many of them either became Buddhists or were (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      navajo, stonemason, translatorpro

      Richard Gere and Tina Turner come to mind. Hollywood types have made attempts to help Native Americans  thru projects like Ticci Man.  

      Major components of the project are forwarded as follows:
      · Star studded red carpet charity event in Hollywood: “Celebrity Festival For Native America.”
      · Aid to Native American cultural centers and museums.
      · A media and film scholarship program for Native Americans to increase industry access.
      · A traveling learning center and store to promote Native American culture, arts, crafts, and more.
      · The first ever major motion picture and television series featuring an Indian hero portrayed by a Native American to be aired in an estimated 200 million homes around the world with a portion of all commercial proceeds benefiting the nonprofit project.

      Here is their web site

      While it is nice they want Native Americans to play Native Americans in film and open access to Native film makers, it remains to be seen if the project will actually raise awareness or illustrate how much has been lost already.

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