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    The problem with a Turkish naval escort is that it cannot enter Israeli waters through which a flotilla would have to travel. Wouldn't want to violate International Law!

    Please provide a chart which shows why they cannot get to Gaza port without entering Israeli terrritorial waters. Why can they not enter Palestinian territorial waters from the 5 mile limit and from there to the port?

    I believe you are trolling these diaries with an assertion that no Palestinian territorial waters exist and are therefore denying the existence of that nascent state.

    "Israel was born out of Jewish terrorism." Sir Gerald Kaufman, British MP and son of Holocaust survivor.

    by Lib Dem FoP on Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 03:34:20 PM PDT

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      dark daze

      There is no chart.  Israel occupies Gaza illegally and controls the water access.  Thee is no right that they can assert to stop a Turkish warship from entering Gaza.  If Israel attacks the ship it is an unprovoked act of war.

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