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View Diary: BP Liveblog ROV 43: We may cut tonight edition (347 comments)

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  •  Are any of the others (3+ / 0-)
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    working better than the 46245 and 46240 feeds (BP primary and secondary)?    Real feeds, no flash players, that is.  Are other akamai feeds working better than those? I am curious.

    I am giving it a rest in case Akamai notices I have used over 8GB of bandwidth in the last 8 days, plus had briefly tried a couple of the multifeed sites.   I have been continuously recording.   If they have some sort of boxcar or exponential decay averaging going on in the prioritization code, maybe giving it a rest will help.

    It is a shame because I had a nearly continuous recording of the last week and was able to rewind and check out details and correct quite a few mis-perceptions.    Problem is the video feed is boring most of the time and when you notice something interesting pops up you don't have the context to interpret it properly (or in many cases, the background knowledge).

    Especially since I have made over 160 posts here this past week and many of them took quite a while to write, plus reading all the stuff others write.   Without recording the video isn't that useful to me.

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