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  •  Okay, the oiled wildlife tragedy/criminality (4+ / 0-)
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    is beginning to become more visible.  I'm afraid we're just at the beginning of this.  Beware, the video and images are not for the fainted-hearted.  My heart is wretching, but so what.  I'm not going through what they're going through, and I will take on the pain.  It's the least I can do.  To witness and ask others to witness as well.  Just like the underwater oil plumes, out of sight is not acceptable anymore.  It NEEDS to be seen, and the emotions HAVE to be experienced for us to change our attitudes.  Nothing less will do.

    Oil-covered birds show distress (understatement of the day)

    From the Boston Globe (same birds as in video)

    There is nothing (other than euthanasia) that can be done for them at this point, as by this point they've ingested a fair amount of oil by attempting to clean their feathers with their beaks, which causes permanent damage to their central nervous and re-productive systems).  They've also inhaled oiled seawater, have skin burns (one of them has already lost many of its feathers on its back.

    The young pelican we see is a male (their beaks are longer than the females).  He is probably just around three months old (this years chick, just learning to fly).  Like toddlers, when they leave the nest, they first walk to the shore, and from there practice flying.

    There is nothing, aside from euthanasia, that can at this point be done to help them recover.  It's too late.

    And YES!  EVERYONE needs to see these images, as we've brought hell on earth to them.

    "Only when the last ocean has been poisoned will we realize we cannot eat petroleum. (modified from a Cree saying)

    by Tyto Alba on Thu Jun 03, 2010 at 04:41:44 PM PDT

    •  "He will peck at you." (0+ / 0-)

      So fucking what? Save that bird. Christ on a Crutch. What does it take?

      It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 20 gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. -- Thomas Jefferson

      by AtlantaJan on Thu Jun 03, 2010 at 09:01:33 PM PDT

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