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View Diary: Halliday Urges Irish-Americans to Defend the Rachel Corrie (64 comments)

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  •  It is sophistry (0+ / 0-)

    to claim that somehow you have "hit upon" something (a nerve, really?) because people respond to your comment.  In my case, it was because the comment betrayed a lack of understanding of Irish history and was, as a result, inane.  That is the only "nerve" you hit with me.  Only a fool would receive such a response as an indication that you "hit something."

    As to the substance of your comment, please explain how Ireland's "restlessness" was tied to the church and not economic oppression.  The British controlled most of the land and held most of the economic power in Ireland prior to the formation of the Irish state.  You claim that the Irish identity developed as a reaction to British oppression.  Do you have any support for this claim?  

    Here's your first false corollary- the Irish were oppressed in their homeland; they were subject to colonization in their own land.  How is this comparable to the experience of Jews on the continent?  Were Jews on the continent under the rule of an occupying force?  Please explain.  

    As far as the British being surprised at the Easter uprising, you do understand that the British were ready, quelled the uprising, and imprisoned or killed those involved, no?.  Although I take exception with your characterization of the Irish rebels as terrorists (is it your view that anyone who rises against an oppressor is a terrorist?  Were the Indians or Kenyans who opposed the British terrorists as well), that is secondary.  You claim that the free state began with the elimination of the terrorists [sic], but that is simply not true.  The new government was led by one of those terrorists and the battle over the accord continued for years.  Please also explain how the chuch was granted control over cultural and social life by the new government.  

    As for the post-free state period, the British continue to control part of the island and engaged in violent oppression of republicans in the north (here's the real corollary to Israel- an occupying force which oppressed the indigenous people in favor of those loyal to the crown).  Your "what if" is merely a fiction which merits no response.  

    The Irish experience is more closely aligned to the experience of the Palestinians for the obvious reasons.

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