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View Diary: Obama: Gulf disaster forces us to acknowledge the dangers of oil dependence (121 comments)

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  •  The bill is not "dead" (0+ / 0-)

    but it may as well be.  By the time it comes up for an actual vote, the oil companies' stocks will go up, just like the insurance companies' did after HIR.

    There will be concessions.  The subsidies will continue in order to gain Repuke votes that will never come anyway.  Offshore and other drilling will continue.  The repugs will work to take out any meaningful reform out of the bill, will refuse to raise the liability cap, will in turn cap the amount of money we can spend on alternative fuel research, will likely fight having any job retraining provision to put people to work on alternative fuel materials.

    And WTF!!!  It's time to "pass a bill"???

    NO.  It's time to issue an Executive Order that ALL drilling in dangerous areas stop.  That over the next X years (I like single digits) all plastic bags will be gone and those plants will now be manufacturing something worthwhile.

    I read today that an inventor created this:

    Richard Wool has recently developed a circuit board made from soybeans and chicken feathers. A professor of chemical engineering who directs the Affordable Composites from Renewable Sources (ACRES) program at the University of Delaware, Dr. Wool seeks creative, locally-available substitutes for petroleum-based resources.

    IT CAN BE DONE.  All we need is political will.  Yeah, I watched schoolhouse rock.

    Fuck that.  Bush saw the world black and white.  Drill?  Everywhere!

    Obama can do the same thing for ONCE:  Drill?  Nowhere, or only, ONLY if the subsidies end and that money is funneled into alternative energy research.  Executive Order.  fuck bills.  He has the power to do something now.  

    I don't care how pissed off people get.  Talk to the pelicans.

    "Balance" does not mean giving the same weight to a lie as you do to the truth.

    by delphine on Fri Jun 04, 2010 at 10:22:21 AM PDT

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