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View Diary: BP Oilpocalypse ROV Diary #59 (327 comments)

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  •  During the last blizzard... (3+ / 0-)
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    kpardue, Wee Mama, AnotherAmericanLie

    I could have sworn it was coming down at 4" a hour, but I was off by a factor of four.  The human eye is very deceiving to an untrained amateur.  Leave the estimates to the pro's my friend.

    •  fuild experts confirm flow (2+ / 0-)
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      Tomtech, DocGonzo

      probably greater than 60,000 total..gas and oil combined..

      that is not my eye..
      as for my eye -

      I am an expert jelly bean contest winner..with math aptitude in the top 1% of the country.

      it is impossible for that to be what they say.

      the public will demand full penalty..can't be based on large number cause bp will go govt needs bp to survive this...

      my eyes aren't lying this time...


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