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  •  motor assist. (2+ / 0-)

    A little electric motor & battery, for many people is quite sufficient to make nasty hills the same as riding on the flats.

    The trick is to avoid the temptation to use the motor all the time (because you'll want to save battery for when you really need it).  Just use it when climbing hills that are too obnoxious even in your lowest gear.  

    •  It's actually the down (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      RunawayRose, G2geek

      that scares me more than the up!

      •  in that case: (2+ / 0-)

        When starting down a large hill, use the brakes to keep a low speed similar to what you'd have going up a hill.  

        Best way to use the brakes is to pump the brakes: front then back then front then back, so one brake is always applied.  This way they keep you at a slow speed and don't have to slow you from a high speed, and each brake gets time to cool off.  

        Also if one of your brakes goes out (e.g. the cable is marginal and snaps), you still have the other, and if you're alternating between them, you'll be pretty quick to hit the working brake.  And in that case slow to a stop and walk the bike down the hill.

        The main thing is to keep a low speed from the beginning, so you can stop easily if needed.

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