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View Diary: Florida Medicaid privatization--a Jeb Bush stalking horse? (3 comments)

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  •  We tend to overlook Jeb (none)
    I've seen many recent posts about how the Bush regime will be unable and unwilling to relenquish power in 2008. Without sweeping election reform, Jeb will be annointed the new Dear Leader, no doubt in my mind. Even Jesus Christ wouldn't have a chance against our present crooked electoral system. Between the gutting of SS and Medicaid(and every other "social giveaway" program after that), crooked elections, the marriage of the corporate with government, rape of the enviromnent, military-industrial war profiteering, and now Pentagon death squads, it keeps getting harder to keep hope alive. One problem at a time is difficult enough, but put them all together and it makes me shake in my little Pollyanna boots. Thanks for the diary... as Air America's Kent Jones says... "Vigilence"
    •  ... and it's a mistake (none)
      I was a little surprised to see such a paucity of comment when Jeb, with Colin Powell as his minder/faithful retainer, trotted over to Southeast Asia to do some tsunami photo-ops.  Hardly possible to see that as anything other than an early declaration of '08 intentions.  It's easy to think that a Jeb Succession is too implausible to pay any mind to, and in ordinary circumstances that'd be true.  But if—as I strongly think—we're on the verge of being turned into an electoral dictatorship, a la Mexico under the PRI, it's not only not implausible, it's bloody likely.

      In the conference room of the deaf, the blind man is king.

      by drenglish on Sun Jan 23, 2005 at 10:29:47 AM PST

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