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View Diary: Help dump NJ's own "Rand Paul" (only worse) (94 comments)

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  •  for starters (4+ / 0-)
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    I moved to the district in August 2006 and didn't write or promote Paul as I got there right before the campaign ended.

    As for 2008, look at Blue America, the front page here and plenty of others who promoted Dennis - in fact, my involvement there was anti-Garrett and not part of Dennis' campaign at all.  You'd be hard pressed to find anything that is "breathlessly promoting" either Paul or Dennis.

    But nice try.

    And where did I ask or say anything about DCCC support?  

    As for Tod's website, (1) you were pretty quick to have a laundry list of faults - are you doing Garrett's oppo research on Tod for him - and (2) I am not his campaign manager or webmaster - I am someone who has spoken to and met a few times and has some good ideas and views.

    Do I expect a "white knight"?  No, and I never did, nor promoted one - in fact, this diary barely talks about Tod.

    But he is better than Garrett by miles.

    BTW, Webb, Tester, Scott Brown and a slew of others had no shot either.  

    Thx for the snide comments about my credibility though.  Very mature.

    •  I'm trying to point out "pitfalls" in his bio ... (2+ / 0-)
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       Stop being so defensive. Given the recent brouhaha over Mark Kirk and Richard Blumenthal re: military service records, we should be aware of such things.

       The NY Guard is NOT the NY Army National Guard. The NY Guard is an unarmed, uncompensated, state militia that has the NY State Governor as its Commander in Chief. It does great work, my Dad was a member and I served side-by-side with them at Ground Zero as an active Duty Army officer in 2001. That said, Tod is overselling his service in the NY Guard. Since Governor Cuomo disarmed the NY Guard in the early 90's, it is little more than camouflaged emergency management/fire police service. Kind of like a CERT Team with military uniforms.

        Tod also gives the impression that he was a lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell. He is not and he needs to fess up to what he did/does there: paralegal or contract attorney? If the latter, he may actually be contractually bound not to reveal the actual location of his temp agency placement.

        The correct title for a Law Degree (J.D.) is Juris Doctor - not Juris Doctorate.

         I've read your blog post. Objectively, it's pretty damn "breathless." You say, " Theise will stand up for our liberal values in Washington ethically, morally, and courageously." Those are some pretty strong words to throw behind a Regent Law Grad who was a GOP party hack until his patron was caught in a scandal.

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