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View Diary: BP Oilpocalypse ROV Diary #62 (307 comments)

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  •  using the googledoc (2+ / 0-)
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    hester, godislove

    Copying and pasting from view source has a few problems.  It adds lots of BR and P and a few other tags.  These can cause blank lines, etc., and can accumulate from generation to generation.    The googledoc stops this deterioration.
    But view source method can work if you clean it up a bit and sometimes if you don't.   Keeping the googledoc current generally makes it easier for people to do it and for someone to jump in quickly.   But what you have may work.

    The googledoc is here:
    any google login will do.

    I see you did a Hurricane ike liveblog, so you should't have too much trouble.

    - cut and paste from the googledoc sections - preview - add a tip jar (click on the post a comment link even though it is greyed out) - publish - post three comments pointing to the new diary as I described up in the tip jar - update the googledoc for the next person - be available to update the diary to point to stop saying it is current and point to the next one, point to new motherships, etc.

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