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View Diary: URGENT: Millions Of Americans To Lose Health Insurance! (306 comments)

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  •  Military spending is important to protect our (8+ / 0-)

    imperialist conquests and our gross consumptive requirements. We must continuously threaten certain actors and nations around the world to get them to abide by our rules.

    This of course makes sense if you're of the wealthy ruling class, but should't if you're of the working struggling class, unless you're a tea-bagger that is.

    We are no longer patrolling to protect the peace, but rather to protect the wealth of the ruling class. And it's absolutely bankrupting the working class who are stuck having to pay for it.

    Close bases, dry dock fleets. Use the money saved to rebuild a home-grown economy and promote the health of every person.

    That's what a government responsible to its people would do. But of course corporate interests have too much influence on election outcomes, so the elected officials of government sheepishly pander to them. And so it appears it will go.

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