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View Diary: Gonzales Watch: Women at Abu Ghraib (140 comments)

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    Not shouting, just providing emphasis!

    About time someone brought this up around here.

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      This is horrifying. I've never been more ashamed to be an American. I wish to God we had Barbara Boxer on the Judiciary Committee. All those damned men and Feinstein. She's going to be hearing from me.
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        when I called her (also called all of the other Senators on the Judiciary Committee), the day of the hearing, I was told she had the flu, I guess that meant she didn't make it to the hearing???

        I can't remember how many times in life I've dragged myself to work, sick as a dog, because I had no sick pay, in order to have a roof over my head.

        I have no respect for her, especially after she called Packwood "A giant of a man," quite a few years back, after Boxer, among others, ran him out of office.

        What an excellent day for an Exorcism...

        by DianeL on Sun Jan 23, 2005 at 06:45:31 PM PST

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