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    Honestly, did anyone think for a second that an administration that lied to get us into this war and then royally fucked it up every way imaginable would not have committed such terrible acts?  The current administration is a gang of thugs, pure and simple.  They consider losing (not getting their way) the only punishment, and they consider every win a validation of their means and motivations.

    Their methodology is as follows:

    1.  Do whatever you want, regardless of ethics or legality.  Lie freely and openly - the more outrageous the lie, the better.  The main goal is to grab whatever rewards you can for yourself - money, power, money, influence, money.  And don't forget money.

    2.  If you happen to be caught, say it wasn't your fault - you had no idea what was going on - even though it was your job to know what was going on (and you were probably getting paid a lot of money in your job, so you were stealing that money too - which is excellent!  Getting money for nothing is a highly efficient use of your time and energy).

    3.  If any controversy does happen to blow up about your conduct, ignore it.

    4.  Repeat #1.

    This is a pattern that recurs throughout the CEO fraud scandals.  I love the Tyco guy, Kozlowski, saying "I'm not greedy!  I didn't know about the $6,000 shower curtain!"  Yeah, it's all somebody else's fault, you thieving jackass.

    We can't stop here! This is bat country!

    by hrh on Mon Jan 24, 2005 at 08:22:15 AM PST

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