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View Diary: What would a Lincoln loss mean for November? (115 comments)

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    I think I disagree with your interpretation of what Ezra is saying.  He's not saying populism hurts people - he's arguing the "populist impulse" represented by the Tea Party (i.e. racism, birtherism, hatred) is turning off voters.

    And people absolutely can argue that there isn't strong party discipline among Republicans.  They'll be wrong, but they'll argue that.  And that is exactly how Bennett lost - arguments that he wasn't conservative enough.  And that's why Specter switched parties - he knew he would lose against a further right-wing challenger, so he jumped ship hoping to make it as a Democrat, only to find the same forces at play on the other side of the aisle.

    Finally, I disagree that Blanche Lincoln and Arlen Specter are solidly part of the Washington establishment - given their penchant for going against what the party wants, I think they're pretty unpopular with the Washington establishment, especially in such a polarized climate.

    While everything you say about looking for candidates that will represent us is true, the candidate that will best represent us is someone who works with the Democrats to accomplish progressive goals (i.e. - vote with the Democrats).  The Democrats aren't perfect right now (God, far from it), but someone who will support the Democratic leadership is more valuable to us right now than someone who will challenge it (see: Dennis Kucinich).

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