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View Diary: VA Legislative Sentry: Act NOW to Protect Contraception in VA (39 comments)

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  •  Well, sometimes (none)
    we gays have sex so we can get our partners to do their share of the dishes, but your point about birth control certainly stands. ;)

    On a more serious note, though, I'm happy to see so many of us GLBTQs recognizing lately that we have a stake in this particular battle. In the grand scheme of things, the movements for equal rights for gays and contraceptive freedom share common goals. The rights to privacy, autonomy w/r/t sex & sexuality, and bodily integrity are fundamental in a free society.

    •  Back atcha (none)
      The rights to privacy, autonomy w/r/t sex & sexuality, and bodily integrity are fundamental in a free society.

      Exactly, which is why I am very fired up about fighting for equal rights for gays in Virginia as well, even though I'm not gay.  Not that there's anything wrote with that.  ;-)

      Hatred against gays in the Virginia legislature has really gotten out of control this year -- after the right wing "success" last year with the "Marriage Affirmation Act" (aided and abetted by a disgusting number of Democrats, including Chap Petersen, who's typically considered the frontrunner for the Democratic Lt. Gov. nomination), the right-wingers have now engaged in a pile-on orgy of gay-hating bills.  There are no less than FIVE bills supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.  On top of those are piled the hateful bill to prohibit Gay/Straight Alliances in Virginia public schools and a bill to bar gay couples from adopting children, introduced by the Dynamic Duo of Discrimination, Dick Black and Robert Marshall.

      I'm just as fired up about raising awareness about these hateful bills (the last two were just introduced on Friday) as I am about raising awareness about bills that encroach on my reproductive freedom.  

      •  I've been eyeing VA closely since last summer (none)
        So I'm familiar with what you're talking about, Maura. Even though I'm out here in the southwest, it's frightening as all hell. I have great appreciation for the work you do on all of these issues.

        I'm entirely convinced that these people who spend so much energy trying to control the sexuality of others are deeply troubled psychologically. I suspect they're desperately trying to control unseemly (and possibly illegal) urges of their own. How can we start a whisper campaign about this? We should never underestimate the power of it becoming "common knowledge" that anyone who proposes/supports these kinds of bills is really just faking righteousness to cover up some truly sick perversion on their own part.

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