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    The recent lithium price spike has led to the development of the Kings Valley in Nevada, a resource capable of producing 25 billion pounds of lithium carbonate -- roughly the same as the "peak lithium" folks say comprise the world's entire known reserves.

    How is this possible?

    Because the peak lithium folks don't count the Kings Valley at all, despite 173 boreholes to a depth of 40 meters over 80,000 acres determined an average lithium content of 0.279% and a commercial recovery factor of 85%. Because it's a little more expensive to recover than the currently produced Argentinian lithium, they credit 0kg of it to world reserves.

    ... here's the real kicker -- lithium is only a tiny fraction of the cost of a lithium ion battery. Its price could grow eightfold and you'd barely even notice it (and you better believe there'd be a lot of new reserves coming online with that much price growth -- the entire ocean's hundreds of trillions of kilograms with prices at $22-32/kg


    The Nissan Leaf (100 mile range EV) uses 9 pounds of lithium in its batteries.  

    Divide 25 billion by 9....

    President Obama!!! - People want MORE DRAMA!!!

    by BobTrips on Sun Jun 13, 2010 at 08:46:29 AM PDT

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