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  •  I understand number 1 to be true, (1+ / 0-)
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    but not number 2.

    1. EV batteries are much larger than the little buttons we put in calculators, etc, so they should represent a significant increase in demand.
    1. EVs will not be the only source of demand for lithium batteries, especially in  a world relying heavily on wind and solar, and
    1. Like petroleum and, ahem, corn, demand is global. We produce gobs of corn, but, back in 2007, corn prices went through the roof because of global demand.  Domestic prices can't lag global prices because producers will shift sales overseas.

    As Asian, South American, and African economies kick into gear, demand is going to be incredible.

    Maybe there's so much of the stuff -- and the land rights, equipment, refining capacity, etc, that shortages are not even conceivable, but we are in a time of rosy predictions.  Good time to keep the shit-colored glasses handy.

    Free speech? Yeah, I've heard of that. Have you?

    by dinotrac on Sun Jun 13, 2010 at 02:19:37 PM PDT

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